#BOSSBABESATX Community Caucus

One of my favorite things about Amnesty International is that they actively branch out and interact with other social movement groups in the community. They do this to better understand the community’s concerns and to grasp opportunities to make Amnesty known. Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a #BOSSBABESATX event with some members of Amnesty. #BOSSBABESATX is a non-profit group by intersectional feminists that host events – such as the community caucus – to promote an inclusive and socially woke environment for women. We listened to panels of experts speaking on ethically made clothing, inter- and intra-generational transversal sexism, cultural appropriation and ties to colonialism and capitalism, and several more. At the end of each panel, we were given the opportunity to talk to the speakers and learn more about their causes and backgrounds. The Amnesty members that I was with soaked up all the information they were given, furiously taking notes and asking many questions. Once a panel was over, they went up to the speakers and asked about their own individual causes. Some speakers told us about events coming up such as a group going to protest anti-homosexual bills being passed in the Texas government. Because of this event, the UT chapter of Amnesty International made valuable connections with other groups around Austin and also learned about many social change opportunities to notify the other members of the club about.


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