Effectiveness of Amnesty in America

I know this concept approaches more on the international organization rather than the UT chapter, but I believe that Amnesty has not caught on among the American masses because their mission statement is too broad. It is great that Amnesty advocates for almost all human rights issues internationally, but that makes the organization lose focus. Planned Parenthood and the NAACP have gained tremendous popularity and support – especially in this new political climate – because they both have a direct message. Planned Parenthood fights for women’s rights and the NAACP fights for PoC rights. Amnesty fights for prisoners’ rights, women’s rights, PoC rights, refugee rights, are anti-torture, anti-death penalty, and so much more. On top of these extremely wide-cast missions, they approach all of them both nationally and internationally. While I agree that all of these issues are extremely important, I worry that this is the reason that Amnesty International is not as mainstream as the more narrowly-focused human/civil rights organizations. However, this argument is only relevant to the extent of its popularity in America. Amnesty¬†is still one of the most famous human rights groups in the world, but it would have to make some changes to become more popular in America.


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