Apathy at UT Amnesty

I have noticed that Amnesty struggles with finding its footing as a group. While about 20-30 people consistently go to meetings, there are 74 members in the club’s GroupMe message and even more who are subscribed to their weekly email newsletter. Hardly anyone signs up to go to events and protests, and most of the people who do sign up do not even end up following through. My question is this – why does this organization struggle so severely with overcoming apathy within its members? I think it is because they fail to inspire and impassion members enough to take action. Protests and social change doesn’t happen unless the participants are emotionally involved. Fear, empathy, and anger are critical forces in any social change movement. UT Amnesty fails to encourage those emotions. They do a great job of informing members of the issues. I believe that the members care about the majority of issues they are shown, but they are not led to believe that it is critical to take action. To accomplish this, Amnesty would need to partake in emotional manipulation and enact a bias that would make members believe that they must act NOW.


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