Effectiveness of Amnesty within UT

Now that I’ve briefly gone over the effectiveness of Amnesty across America, I want to discuss the effectiveness of UT’s branch. Now, UT Amnesty tries to narrow down the widespread goals of the organization, but they can only get so far. They primarily focus on one issue a month, lending extra time to educate others about that specific topic. However, more current and time-sensitive issues arise constantly. For example, the Muslim Ban was passed during the month we were learning about women’s rights. This makes it difficult for the UT chapter to narrow it’s focus, but it tries. They do an adequate job of acquiring new members in relation to other organizations at UT. They create public facebook events for meetings and occasionally hand out flyers at protests. This is average throughout the social advocacy groups around UT. Like the whole organization, the UT branch of Amnesty International could stand to make some changes to further promote their cause. Maybe campaigning in West Mall would attract more members as well as posting flyers around campus. Additionally, they could write a concise mission statement so people understand their goals better. UT Amnesty needs to do a better job of establishing a reputation as a progressive and active social advocacy group within the community.


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