Artwork in Amnesty’s campaigns

Amnesty International not only includes compelling photographs in their campaigns but also creative artwork. Most other activist organizations stick to photography or realistic imagery, while Amnesty encourages creativity by using cartoon, animations, and even sketch-style illustrations in their adverts. Other organizations do not stray from portraying realistic images to make the audiences see their respective causes as more lifelike and therefore invoke a feeling of unpleasantness regarding the actions that the cause is fighting against. Whatever the group is opposed to – whether it be the death penalty, poaching, homophobia, or something else – portraying the victimization of the marginalized groups in a realistic way because it makes it easier for the audience to feel empathetic towards them. It is a method that has worked well for many years, so it is not unclear why organizations would be comfortable with it. Amnesty has decided to be more creative and unconventional in their campaigns. While there must be several reasons as to why they began incorporating non-lifelike imagery, but I am positive that they did so in order to stand out. While I do not know if Amnesty is the only organization using this approach, they are surely the most prominent one. In the competition for an audience, Amnesty stands out against a barrage of lifelike imagery. Amnesty has not totally abandoned the concept of using lifelike portrayals to invoke empathy, for again it has proved to be effective. However, the creative artistry underlying their campaign ads draw the tired eye from a sea of uniformity.


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