Amnesty International Lobby Days

Amnesty International holds an annual sort of event called Lobby Days on April 10th-21st. During these Lobby Days, members are encouraged to put in an extra effort to call or email representatives in order to evoke changes. While the UT chapter did not participate during the entire event, they organized a time to meet up and make a lot of calls. On April 21st, members met in the PCL at UT with their phones and called their respective representatives for several different issues. The meet-up lasted for two hours, but members were asked to come for only one. The organization provided scripts for the participants to follow as well if they wanted to. I think having one event where members can consolidate their efforts and receive direct guidance helps combat apathy. People don’t call representatives often because they don’t know what to say and because it seems like such a minor task that they don’t think it would be very effective. However, by providing scripts, representative information, and making several calls at once, all these setbacks cease to exist. If UT Amnesty did this more often instead of just once a year, I think they would see much improvement in participation.


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