Response to Stabbing

This week, one of the most terrible events imaginable struck UT. I figured it would be appropriate to document UT Amnesty International’s response to it. On May 1st, a man stabbed 4 people in the early afternoon in the area of campus with the most concentrated number of students, killing a student. The organization’s GroupMe messages notified me before the UT administration did. The officers – who are also UT students – did what the administration should have done. They promptly informed us to stay away from the area because someone was attacked without giving us any details that they were not sure about. The tragedy also happened on a Monday, which is the same day that Amnesty holds their meetings. The meeting was cancelled before UT cancelled classes. The officers also told us to “try to get home or to a friend’s place. Lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings.” I think their response to the crisis was the best that I had seen. I was in other group messages where rumors were spreading like wildfire, but Amnesty simply sent the message of “stay away to stay safe”. I know I have spent pretty much the entire semester criticizing them, but they were really helpful during a tragedy. The UT administration could learn a lesson in dealing with tragedy from this organization.


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