In the past couple of meetings, the issue of SB4 has become increasingly prevalent. UT Amnesty International has paid a lot of attention to this issue. While many topics are only brought up during one meeting each, this one keeps coming up. The group has obviously been very concerned about it. SB4 affects Austin’s status as a sanctuary city, for Greg Abbott has been adamant about his desire to take that title away. If passed, this legislation would affect a lot of people – especially at UT – in a harmful way. This is why Amnesty cares so much about it. During earlier meetings, they gave out a template for members to write letters to representatives. When the session for the bill came closer, Amnesty created a petition to sign, gave out a list of representatives to call, and provided a script to follow during the call. These extra efforts prove Amnesty’s dedication against this bill. They even organized to meet up on the day of the session for SB4 and go to the Capitol to fight against it within the session. I have not seen the local group be so dedicated to a cause since I have been following them.


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