Response to Stabbing

This week, one of the most terrible events imaginable struck UT. I figured it would be appropriate to document UT Amnesty International's response to it. On May 1st, a man stabbed 4 people in the early afternoon in the area of campus with the most concentrated number of students, killing a student. The organization's GroupMe… Continue reading Response to Stabbing


Amnesty International Lobby Days

Amnesty International holds an annual sort of event called Lobby Days on April 10th-21st. During these Lobby Days, members are encouraged to put in an extra effort to call or email representatives in order to evoke changes. While the UT chapter did not participate during the entire event, they organized a time to meet up… Continue reading Amnesty International Lobby Days


In the past couple of meetings, the issue of SB4 has become increasingly prevalent. UT Amnesty International has paid a lot of attention to this issue. While many topics are only brought up during one meeting each, this one keeps coming up. The group has obviously been very concerned about it. SB4 affects Austin's status… Continue reading SB4

Amnesty’s different approaches

Going the meetings of the Amnesty International's chapter at UT allows me to see the organization's different efforts at outreach. On an international level, Amnesty promotes awareness though hard-hitting, truth-telling campaigns. They speak the truth while utilizing dramatic effect to hit home with their audience. It should be noted that when I say "dramatic effect"… Continue reading Amnesty’s different approaches

Artwork in Amnesty’s campaigns

Amnesty International not only includes compelling photographs in their campaigns but also creative artwork. Most other activist organizations stick to photography or realistic imagery, while Amnesty encourages creativity by using cartoon, animations, and even sketch-style illustrations in their adverts. Other organizations do not stray from portraying realistic images to make the audiences see their respective… Continue reading Artwork in Amnesty’s campaigns

Amnesty’s global campaigns

This week I came across a "listicle" on Buzzfeed titled "The Most Powerful Ads Of Amnesty International" ( While I know Buzzfeed isn't necessarily the most reliable source of information, this article changed m perspective regarding Amnesty International's outreach programs. Prior to seeing this, my only exposure to Amnesty has been through the branch at… Continue reading Amnesty’s global campaigns